Classic Digital Microdebrider

  • Dual Function Digital Controller
  • 10 speed level with mode option micromotor and Shaver
  • High torque swiss motor
  • Shaver max speed 6000 rpm in forward/osc/reverse mode with 10 speed level
  • Micromotor max speed 40,000 rpm in forward/reverse mode with 10speed level
  • Adjustable Osc Speed option : 100ms-250ms in shaver mode for smooth cutting
MODEL NO : BH-X6000/BH-X6000C
  • 5 Inch touchscreen Multi function console with Integrated Inbuilt Pump
  • 10 speed level with different mode option : SHAVER MODE | BUR MODE | STAP DRILL MODE
  • Controlled Irrigation Pump with 5 speed level with max speed 50ml/min
  • High Torque Brushless Motor (BLDC) for Smooth Performance
  • Ultra6000 handpiece with 6000 RPM with direction option : forward/reverse/osc
  • Micromotor drill with 40,000 RPM compatible with most of straight, angled handpiece.
  • Stap Drill Handpiece with 6000 RPM available in customized version
    x6000C Model designed for microshaping of middle ear structures during
    stapedotomy and ossiculoplasty